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World Sleep Day China Theme Release China's first sleep environment standard launched

World Sleep Day China Theme Release China's first sleep environment standard launched

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2019/04/23 17:14
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  On the morning of March 16, the China Sleep Research Association and the Sleeping Brand of Shandong Xinyue Health Technology Co., Ltd. jointly released the 2019 "3.21 World Sleep Day" Chinese theme in Beijing: "Healthy Sleep Puzzle Brain Protection".

  One third of life is spent in sleep. Sleep is the basic life activity of a person. According to the World Health Organization survey, about one-third of the world's people have sleep problems. In China, there are 38% of people with various types of sleep disorders, which is higher than the world's 27%, including "sleeping, not sleeping." And sleep well" more than 90 kinds of sleep diseases in three major categories, seriously affecting people's health, production safety and quality of life, has attracted the attention of the international sleep medicine community. In addition, according to the statistics of health economics in developed countries, the direct economic losses caused by sleep accidents, production safety accidents, etc. caused by sleep diseases amount to hundreds of billions of yuan each year. Sleep regulation is also of great significance in the military field and aerospace industry. In the past 40 years, sleep medicine as a new interdisciplinary subject has been paid more and more attention, involving various fields such as respiratory, cardiovascular, biological rhythm, basic research, pharmacology, psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, and environment. Scientific research has found that lack of sleep leads to a significant decrease in memory, accompanied by neuronal cell malnutrition, atrophy, and even apoptosis, which is directly related to the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. From the theme, we can see that this year's sleep day is especially concerned with the important role of good sleep in promoting brain growth and development, eliminating fatigue and protecting memory.

  At the press conference, the China Sleep Research Association also jointly released the "Sleep-Related Home Environment Standards" jointly with Xinyue Health's sleeping brands. It is the first relevant standard in the domestic sleep industry. Prior to this, China did not have a comprehensive standard for sleep products. The standard proposes higher requirements for sleep products and services in terms of meeting the level of user appeal and comfort.

  The Sleep-Related Home Environment Standard consists of two parts: sleep-related environmental standards, and sleep-related home standards.

  Sleep-related environmental standards include architectural patterns, room layouts, beds, graphical symbols, and orientation, and provide quantitative indicators of sleep environmental factors such as sound, light, color temperature, temperature, and odor.

  Sleep-related home standard content mainly covers indoor indoor bedding, which provides the physical elements of bedding in the home for comfortable and healthy sleep. Including mattresses, pillows, sleeping quilts, quilt covers, bed sheets, pajamas and home clothes, etc., the indicators are related to size, soft and hard, insulation, ventilation, hygiene, materials, can be introduced into the intelligent and other specific content. The content covers a more detailed, for example, the height of the pillow, from the angle of the supine and side sleeping different angles put forward more detailed requirements.

  The release of this standard will enhance the national's emphasis on healthy and comfortable sleep, and also lay a solid foundation for promoting cross-border co-creation in the industry, and will continue to iteratively improve in the future.

  March 21 of each year is World Sleep Day. To evoke awareness of the importance of sleep for all, in 2001, the Global Sleep and Health Program, sponsored by the International Foundation for Mental Health and Neuroscience, launched a global campaign focused on raising awareness of sleep importance and sleep quality. . In 2003, the China Sleep Research Association officially introduced World Sleep Day to China. Since 2009, the theme of World Sleep Day China has been officially released. The organization of science popularization activities around the country in China has caused great repercussions in the society and achieved good social benefits.