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A carpet with a unique pattern can make the whole space bigger

A carpet with a unique pattern can make the whole space bigger

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2019/04/23 14:56
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  The pattern of the carpet is very unique, and the long and short horizontal stripes have a postmodern style. The house that I personally decorated is not particularly high-grade. In fact, I can look at it comfortably. The simplicity of simplicity is to let people deeply feel the solemnity of the home environment and expand the visual sense of space. People feel relaxed, from simple to complicated, from the whole to the local, finely crafted, and the inlaid gold is giving a meticulous impression.

  The most important thing about the workbench is the matching with the bookshelf. Below is the cabinet, and the top is the grid of different sizes. Life has a variety of styles, everything is different for you, tastes every style of life, a series of monochrome arrangements in the room, adding a touch of soft decoration, both luxurious but not vulgar, classical revealing The indescribable elegance of the pen and ink reveals the clean and simple temperament of the entire room.

  The black table didn't make the home look very depressed, but it was very fashionable. Presumably, many people are renting a house now. Although they are not their own houses, they can also be decorated by themselves. They reflect simple, exquisite and people-oriented lifestyle. The most important pursuit of environmental protection, romantic and fashionable personality makes people forget the city. The embarrassment, only enjoy in the embrace of Jingyi, see here, do not hurry to do it yourself, decorate your own small nest beautiful.